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Tenants of MEND’s rental housing must comply with income requirements mandated by the relevant government agencies that provide funding for the development, construction and operation of MEND’s properties. There are maximum income levels to insure that MEND housing is provided to tenants of low and moderate income; and there are minimum income levels to insure that tenant’s are financially capable of paying the monthly rent and utility charges.

Minimum Income Levels/Guidelines:

A tenant’s monthly rent and utility charges can generally not exceed 40% of monthly gross income for senior citizens and persons with disabilities; and cannot exceed 30% for non-elderly individuals and families with guidelines currently as follows:

Tenancy # Family Members Minimum Annual Income
Individuals/Families 1-2 $22,000
3-4 $25,000
5-6 $27,000
Seniors Citizens/Persons with Disabilities 1 $14,500
2 $15,500

Current Maximum Income Levels:

Tenant Family Size
Percentage of Area Median Income/
$ Annual Income
Number of Persons 80% 60% 50% 30%
1 44,350 33,300 27,750 16,650
2 50,700 38,040 31,700 19,000
3 57,050 42,780 35,650 21,400
4 63,350 47,520 39,600 23,750
5 68,450 51,360 42,800 25,650
6 73,500 55,140 45,950 27,550


The applicable Percentage of Area Median Income depends on the specific apartment that is being rented since MEND’s portfolio of apartments encompasses many different types of government funding programs. The maximum annual income figures above are published by the NJ Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) and are revised annually. (There are similar income guidelines published annually by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.)